Startblok Riekerhaven will house 250 young refugees (with a permit) and 250 young people from the neighbourhood: young workers, students, recent graduates. Together these young people with different backgrounds will form a community in which everyone will contribute. There is also room for work, training- and learning initiatives. Hundreds of young starters will have the opportunity to build a future in Amsterdam.

Startblok artist impression.

Active role

Living in Startblok Riekerhaven means that residents play an active role in the management of housing, common areas and outdoor spaces. They are also involved in the hiring process, light maintenance and repairs. There is room for initiatives in the field of sports, culture and leisure. De Key, the Amsterdam municipality, various partners and a panel of young starters developed the concept of self-management and self-regulation.


Young people who live in Startblok Riekerhaven sign a temporary lease for a period of five years. After that, they will give other young people a chance to live here and to participate. Residents of Startblok Riekerhaven build a dynamic community and work on their own future. After five years the residents find a new space to live, with a new range of experience, knowledge and skills.