Startblok Riekerhaven,

Startblok Riekerhaven is a community where 565 youngsters from the Netherlands and statusholders from the ages 18 until 28 years old live together.

A good start in Amsterdam

On the first of July Startblok Riekerhaven opened its doors for 565 youngsters from the Netherlands and statusholders (refugees with a temporary residence permit for five years). Together they live in a community, to support each other with making a good start in Amsterdam and to build their futures in the Netherlands. They do this within a maximum of five years time using the Startblok manifest, as shown below.

This housing project contributes to the aim of housing association De Key to help youngsters make their first moves on the housing market in Amsterdam.

A by the UN-acknowledged housing concept

Never before were youngsters and statusholders with a refugee background, housed together on such a large scale in one community, which centralizes self-management and self-organization. Therefore, Startblok Riekerhaven became an example quickly, both nationally and internationally. The Municipality of Amsterdam decided to create nine more comparable housing projects with different partners in the past three years. Also, UN Habitat and World Habitat acknowledged the housing project of Startblok Riekerhaven and gave it a special mention.

Want to know more about Startblok?

Check out our project website to find out more about Startblok Riekerhaven and how to apply for a home.

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